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It's hard to believe that Tarentel are celebrating their tenth anniversary this year: with each new release the band seems to experience a new birth. And yet it is indeed in 1995 that Danny Grody and Jefre Cantu-Ledesma created the band in San Francisco. Three years later, the first eponymous CDEP was released on Temporary Residence, which has remained one of Tarentel's favorites labels over the years. Members of the line-up for the next 6 LPs and 12 EPs which were to follow already played on the EP: Kenseth Thibideau (Rumah Sakit, Howard Hello, Pinback, Sleeping People), Jonathan Hughes, Trevor Montgomery (Lazarus) and Jeffrey Rosenberg (Lumen). From Bone to Satellite (TRL, 1999) is an amazingly energetic first album, influenced by Labradford, GYBE and Mogwai. The Order of Things (Neurot, 2001) is more of an unclassifiable affair: it contains both the only song with vocals recorded by the band to this day (a cover of a Rickie Lee Jones song, Ghosty Head) and highly abstract instrumental pieces. Ephemera is a collection of three vinyl EPs (TRL 2002) with minimalist and melodic studies for electric guitar with very rigid structures. Tarentel reformed and put out We Move Through Weather (TRL) in 2004, with the addition of new recruit Jim Redd (former Sonna drummer), whose percussions deeply influenced the band's music, to the core team Grody/Cantu. We Move Through Weather is a new beginning for Tarentel, with new working methods increasingly based on improvisation and the use of non-conventional instrumentation. In 2005, the band hit the road for two creativity-fuelled tours : in January, they went to Japan with Fly Pan Am and rais , in April they were in Italy and Switzerland. We met them and interviewed them on April 21 and 22 at L'Usine (Kab) in Geneva, and at the Reitschule in Bern (the last two dates of the tour). Tarentel did two one-hour-long sets, totally improvised and uninterrupted, accompanied by the 8mm projections of Paul Clipson (a filmmaker friend of the band).
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